Sтαятєя Ɛνєηѕтαяя (starter232) – 2018 – Archived

I believe that Second Pride should be one of the most beautiful events of the year. This is an opportunity to show the amazing creativity of those who are citizens of Second Life. This could be a place of magical music venues, photography exhibitions, and creative architecture. I believe it’s possible to bring together some of the best event designers to create a site that would bring magic to all of those who visit.

My role as Building Director would be to inspire and organize a collective to bring this to life. I have been a student of mesh design for several years. My real life work in teaching has given me experience in action planning and group organization. I have already been in contact with some incredibly talented individuals who share this dream. They have shown willingness to be a part of this project. My goal is to facilitate in the design of one of the greatest Second Life events of the year.

I am seeking your trust and support to be elected to the position of Building Director..


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  1. As a student of mesh design do you have much experience in building with mesh large venues? What has been your experience in mapping out a sim and laying out a whole design to flow organically and logically? What from other builds and designs have you liked and perhaps what do you think has been a weakness that you feel you can improve upon?

    1. I am a mesh creator. I’ve built mainly homes and small buildings.

      The primary reason I am running for this position is because I have a group of designers/creators/builders who wish to be a part of building the the Second Pride sim. We all have our own unique skills. Some of us are landscapers, Some are incredibly talented commercial sim designers. Some of us are creators/photographers/digital artists. We all bring skills to the table. There is no doubt in my mind that with our combined efforts, we can create an absolutely memorable sim. And there is room for many more in this effort.

      The reason I believe I’d do well in this position, is because of my desire to reach out to the Second Life LGBT community and give them that opportunity to shine and share their creativity with others. This should not be the project of “one” but of a collective.

    2. “What from other builds and designs have you liked and perhaps what do you think has been a weakness that you feel you can improve upon?”

      Any creator can tell you that every build brings a new skill learned, tool found. This is why i love creating mesh. It’s very challenging, time consuming, and requires a lot of problem solving. Designing something meaningful that is beautiful and provides practical use, is incredibly satisfying.

  2. First, Thank you for your interest and candidacy.

    Second, Over the last year, the current board has done much in the way of repairing the perceptions of Second Pride as an organization. Many sideline discussions with affected and effected parties have gone on.

    My question to you as a candidate and potential new Board member is how will you personally continue this trend?

    1. I am running for the board because I believe i have the skills and intentions to be a positive team member. I will do my best to develop good relationships with those offering their time and efforts. Having open communication and cooperative spirit is imperative.

      Taking responsibility for what I have committed to is of the greatest importance to me.

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