Message for Sponsors/Vendors 2021

Message to SPONSORS and VENDORS about performance sets during Second Pride 2021:

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how performance sets will be allotted to performers, and it seems some misinformation may have been presented. Hopefully this will clear it all up. Please note that the words party, set, timeslot, etc, all generally refer to a 2-hour period of entertainment. In some cases, one hour.

No one gets preferential slots based on sponsorship, donation amount, etc. All party slots are first-requested, first-given.

Preferential treatment IS given to booking live singers, dance groups, and what I would refer to as productions. This is done because of the limited time frame in which these types of performers and groups are able to perform. This is done at Second Pride’s discretion.

This year, we have one full day of performances being booked by a venue who generously sponsored the entire day. Unless the venue asks us to fill open slots for that day, Second Pride itself we won’t be booking the entertainment for that day.

When the form opens for performer signups, it will be open to everyone. Here is how it will work.

If you aren’t booking your own DJ, you can ignore all but the last paragraph. We will assign you as a sponsor to a party at our discretion, and notify you of the day, time, and entertainer. You will be able to attend and give out information and gifts during that party.

Usually, DJs will sign up using the form and list the name of their sponsor. As a Sponsor, you can do it for them, but you will need all of their information, including email address and username to sign up on their behalf. If a specific host is requested, you can list them in the notes on the form.

If you are signing up for two or more parties, you will need to do the form ONCE for each party, giving three options for the day and time of each.

Finally, sponsored parties and timeslots are not guaranteed. All parties are on an “as available” basis. Because we have so many wonderful and generous sponsors, we may in fact run out of parties before we get through everyone. If you are unable to secure a sponsored party time and feel that this affects the amount of your donation to Second Pride, please talk to one of the Board Members.

Thank you for supporting Second Pride!
Lee McKay

The Ramp-Up to Pride Season Has Begun!

As you can see from the countdown clock in the right-hand sidebar, we are well on our way to Second Pride 2021! What does that mean exactly? So many things…some started, some not, but all to be done before the big event.

  • Revamping the Second Pride website (this is it!)
  • Building out the new regions (ongoing)
  • Setting the dates (June 4th through June 13th)
  • Establishing the theme (we are entertaining suggestions now)
  • Creating artwork and marketing materials (after theme is established
  • Contacting existing vendors/sponsors and reaching out to potential new ones (starting soon)
  • Opening up the schedule to performers and hosts for registration (Late April / Early May)
  • more, more, and …. more

We’ll keep this list updated and add some dates to it so you can see what’s going on and when.…