Another BIG announcment!

You knew we were trying to lock down a second charity to support for June, and we got ’em! Because of how we work, we have to get permission from an organization before we fundraise for them, and sometimes it’s hard to get a response. We had tried with these folks a few times and slipped through the cracks, but we are now officially set up to fundraise for BROADWAY CARES/EQUITY FIGHTS AIDS! We’ve been wanting to help them out for awhile, and now we can! Donations will be evenly divided between BCEFA and ILGA-Europe!…

Big Announcement! Second Pride 2022 will support…

We can formally announce today that one of the charities we will be raising funds for during Second Pride 2022 (June 3-12) will be … ILGA EUROPE! Please help us spread the word! To find out more about this great organization, visit Starting TOMORROW, any donation made at a kiosk at the Second Pride regions will go toward this cause, and we may be adding a second beneficiary. More announcements to come!

Are you a creator, group, organization, etc. who would like to have a shop at Second Pride or sponsor in some other way? Maybe have a fundraiser of your own to add to our donation? Please contact Ezziedq Mirabella, Preston Incognito, or Lee McKay with any questions!

Performer registrations will begin around, but no later than, May 1st.

Mardi Gras – February 26th to March 1st

This event has ended and was a huge success. As always we want to thank everyone who performed, attended, hosted, donated, enjoyed, loved, and participated in any other way!

Combined with our Glitter & Gore 2021 and Holidaze 2021 events, we have now raised L$ 1,016,050 for the Ali Forney Center, which comes out to a donation of $4,300 which we will now begin the process of getting tranferred to them. We will keep you updated of the progress of the donation including the receipt when we get it! You can still support the Ali Forney Center by going to their website and making a donation directly.…

Receipts / Thank You Letters For Our Donations From June

Here are the letters from It Gets Better Project and LGBTQ Freedom Fund, acknowledging YOUR donation of $4,800 to EACH! Feel free to share these with anyone who wonders what Second Pride does and what we’re all about!
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Glitter & Gore

The event has now ended. Watch this space, and the sidebar for final totals and other information!

Thank you to everyone who came, danced, donated, sponsored, DJ’d, hosted, and participated in any way!…

Goal Met…Exceeded…and CLIMBING!

Thanks to Burrow PrideFest, we have crossed the 2 million mark, swept past 2.1 million, and there are still a couple hours tonight and all day tomorrow for their event! Let’s blow these numbers up!…