Final Performances – Britney Spears – STRONGER – A Live Experience



Just a reminder, there will now be TWO performances of Britney Spears – STRONGER – A Live Experience on Sunday, June 26th at 2pm and 5pm SLT! The audience will be limited to 130 at each performance, but since the audience will be on Second Pride West, you’ll still be able to enjoy the amenities of Second Pride East, like Dim Sum Gardens, even during the performances…so make an event of it…bring a date, a friend, a group, and hang out before or after the performance of your choice! The entrance to the performance is the Bijou Theater as always! You must accept the Experience and walk through the theater doors to enter. ALSO… to celebrate the day, Dim Sum Gardens will match the first L$ 30,000 in donations (not tips) coming in ON THE 26th in SLT. If you want to hold your donations until during one of the Britney performances, that’s perfectly fine and we’ll be counting as we go…if we hit the 3,000,000 sooner, then those concerts will be celebrations and you can continue to donate (all the way until June 30th)! Let’s not only hit the goal, let’s BLOW IT AWAY!

Bijou Theater Entrance – Britney Performances

Dim Sum Gardens at Second Pride

We just hit a milestone!

$6,000 USD each for ILGA-Europe and BCEFA!

Total raised so far: L$ 2,892,000

Remaining to goal of L$ 3,000,000: L$ 108,000

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Harlow’s Dance and Party Club total

Harlow’s Dance and Party Club had a benefit party tonight and raised L$ 5,950. Thank you so much!

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[IN]dustry Pool Party Total

[IN]dustry Nightclub’s Pool party raised a total of L$ 30,328 and put on fantastic show! Thank you to Mordecai, the staff, and all the performers!

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[IN]dustry Nightclub benefit for Second Pride

Our friends at [IN]dustry Nightclub are throwing a Pool Party this Saturday and Sunday, 12 hours each day! All donations to the kiosks will be coming straight to Second Pride, and adding to our total for ILGA-Europe & Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS! Stop by their event and show your support…our bot will be sending out the notices in the Second Pride groups so you know what’s going on!

Schedule (all times in SLT):

Day Date Time Performer Name Host Name
Saturday 6/18/22 10am-Noon DJ Raye Axel
Saturday 6/18/22 Noon-2pm DJ Mordecai Joyce
Saturday 6/18/22 2pm-4pm DJ Fentonic Squeak Yoshi
Saturday 6/18/22 4pm-6pm DJ Meta Pswrd
Saturday 6/18/22 6pm-8pm DJ Foxfire Keri
Saturday 6/18/22 8pm-10pm DJ Easty Cee
Sunday 6/19/22 10am-Noon DJ Jason Roach Keri
Sunday 6/19/22 Noon-2pm DJ Brenden Keri
Sunday 6/19/22 2pm-4pm DJ Deej Lore
Sunday 6/19/22 4pm-6pm DJ Easty Cee
Sunday 6/19/22 6pm-8pm Undie Sunday with DJ Raye Dep
Sunday 6/19/22 8pm-10pm DJ Thor Lean

Second Pride 2022 Event Total

Remember, we are still taking donations that count into our total through June 30th, with a goal of L$ 3,000,000.

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AND, Britney Spears – STRONGER – A Live Experience returns for a second ENCORE on June 26th at 5pm SLT!…