8 Pines 8 Days of Christmas 2023

Our friends at 8 Pines Stables are doing their 8 Days of Christmas benefit for Second Pride for the THIRD year in a row, December 2nd through 9th. All donations at the event will come directly to Second Pride to benefit Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS, adding to our total from Glitter & Gore 2023!

The full schedule is below. Please come out and support and have a good time! All times are in SLT

RAISED SO FAR: L$ 208,000!

Saturday Dec 2nd
10am – 12pm Proton & Kalyca (Alchemelic)
12pm – 2 pm Dj Stix
2pm – 4pm DJ Mirco Dinzeo / Mirco’s Crazy Music Mix Show
4pm – 6 pm Dj Winnie
6pm – 8pm Dj Ultrapup
8pm – 10pm Dj Dolly

Sunday Dec 3rd
11am – 1pm Dj Phara
2pm – 4pm Priscila Rainbow
4pm – 6pm DJ Kuma
6pm – 8pm Dj Rapa
8pm – 10pm DJ Uuan

Monday Dec 4th
10am – 12pm DJ Mint
12pm – 2pm DJ Blake
2pm – 4pm Dj Diego Monroe SG
4pm – 6pm DJ Winnie
6pm – 8pm DJ Aria
8pm – 10pm DJ Damien

Tuesday Dec 5th
10am – 12 pm DJ Dennis
12pm – 2pm sirhc
2pm – 4pm DJ Jamie
4pm – 6pm Caden (Live Singer / DJ)
6pm – 8pm Gorden Rammy
8pm – 10pm DJ Deej

Wednesday Dec 6th
11am – 1pm DJ Danza
1pm – 3pm Gabriell Dubratt
4 pm – 6pm DJ Big D
6pm – 8pm Rainbow Warrior Girls
8pm – 10pm DJ Ultrapup

Thursday Dec 7th
10am – 12pm DJ Savanah
12pm – 2 pm DJ Juliet
2pm – 4pm DJ Lynkz
4pm – 6pm Proton & Kalyca (Alchemelic)
6pm – 8pm DJ McKay
8pm – 10 pm DJ Viktor Sandman

Friday Dec 8th
10 am – 12 pm DJ Morgen
12 pm – 2 pm DJ DerFuFu
2pm – 4 pm DJ Nele Yule
4pm – 6 pm DJ Katie
6pm – 8 pm DJ Pru
8 pm – 10pm DJ Cole

Saturday Dec 9th
10am – 12pm DJ Flixxcore
12pm – 1pm Live Singer Lavinia Pelazzi
2 pm – 4pm DJ Duck Tales
4pm – 6pm DJ Flirt
6pm – 8pm DJ Stix
8pm – 10pm DJ Darkheart

Glitter & Gore 2023 – Thank You!

Now that we’ve all slept at least 24 hours, LOL. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who performed, hosted, secured, ambassadored, designed, donated, or otherwise helped to make Glitter & Gore 2023 a success! The current total is L$ 322,684, or $1,080.55. This isn’t the final total, as there is more math to do, and we’re going to keep the total running through next weekend, so if you didn’t get a chance to donate, you still can! Of course, we will continue to raise funds for BCEFA through Holidaze and Mardi Gras as well, so we can just keep on boosting that number for a great cause! Those are shorter events, and the dates will be announced in November.…

Glitter & Gore Schedule is Available

Click the link in the menu at the top of the page. There are a VERY small number of performer and host slots available. Also, all performance slots are available for sponsorship. Contact Lee McKay for more information.

Second Pride 2023 Wrap Party

Presented by Back to the 80s
TP to the Event

Saturday – L$ 30,250 Raised on Day One!

8am-10am DJ Mordecai & Host Christa – Saturday Morning Cartoon Party
10am-12pm DJ Raye & Host Keri – Pride EDM Disco Blend
12-2pm DJ Blake & Host Joyce – (Second Pride Guest DJ)
2-4pm DJ Lucifer & Host Reky – Saturday Discomania
4-6pm DJ Ellie & Host R’ryvnn – Free & Fabulous Hi-NRG Party
6-8pm DJ Emz & Host Kevy – Totally Awesome Mixtape (Pride Side)
8-10pm DJ Sam & Host Stefanie – (Second Pride Guest DJ)

Sunday – L$ 45,043 Total Raised!

8am-10am DJ Jason Roach & Host Reky – (Second Pride Guest DJ)
10am-11am DJ Mordecai & Host Keri
11am-12pm Ouie Nanda performing & Host Keri (Live Singer)
12-2pm DJ Blake & Host Kevy – (Second Pride Guest DJ)
2-4pm DJ Marius & Host Keri – Neon Nights: So.Much.80s!
4-6pm DJ UB & Host Siri – The Wayback Machine
6-8pm DJ Raye & Host Dep – The Undie Sunder PLUR Party
8-10pm DJ Tazzie & Host Harry
10pm-12am DJ Advent & Host Brent – 80s Diamonds in the Deep

Schedule / Vendor Directory

The full schedule and teleports to each vendor’s location are available at the links at the top of the page!

Please take time to visit each of our sponsor’s/vendor’s locations. It helps us, and it helps them, AND you’ll find some free goodies and super deals if you do!…

Graphics For The 2023-2024 Theme

Here are several options for using the 2023-2024 theme, and there will be a couple more added. Click to open full-size and right click to download from there.

Primary – For White or Light Backgrounds
Primary – For Black or Dark Backgrounds=
Alternate – With Black Outline
Alternate – Transparent with Black Outline
Alternate – With White Outline
Alternate – Transparent with White Outline

Mardi Gras Results, Another Winner!

In just four days, we were able to raise an additional L$ 225,600 (approx. $846.00), bringing our total for the It Gets Better Project to L$ 1,226,912 (approx. $4,500.92!!), raised at Glitter & Gore, Holidaze, and Mardi Gras! Thank you to EVERYONE who participated!…