MikeAdam Resident (2017 – Archived)

Candidate for Secretary

I would like to forward my candidacy for the upcoming elections as Secretary of the Second Pride Committee.

I have been on Second Life for the past 6 years working with various functions ranging from hosting all the way to being sim manager. I have over the years gains level of expertise as well been outspoken in ensuring all are always welcome and feel welcome equally witting the SL community at large.

I am positive I could bring up some level of expertise to SP being a lawyer in real life working for the Department of Justice as well falling under the Supreme Court of Canada. I could help bring a better level of comprehension as well have the SP Bylaws re-written in a way to allow the organization more freedom on their achievement throughout the years.

I am an active members of several LGBT organization within the Capital of Canada which strives on providing peer support, educational, research and advocacy services for all gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, two-spirit and queer (GLBTTQ) persons in the National Capital Region.

I am also there providing Legal Support to the Ottawa Gay Pride, Outreach being a service helping youth withing the Capital as well working strongly with PTS and Aids Committee of Ottawa.

I am making myself available to the upcoming board of Director even if my nomination is not retained to ensure we can keep providing out on Second Life a greater level of education as well bring along a strong community to include all walk of life into this great initiative already done at so many levels by the former board of Director.

Thanking you in advance for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,


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  1. Your statement is music to my ears, MikeAdam, and I welcome your candidacy as you seem to be well qualified for the position.

    Like you, I believe that the present bylaws are much too cumbersome and too filled with American legalese for an organization with the goals and size of Second Pride and the environment the organisation works in. I am looking forward to seeing new bylaws that allow more freedom for the board of directors while maintaining a structure to protect the democratic process, the security of the funds and the transparency of the organization. I will not ask you what your thoughts are going forward at this time.

    I see from your statement that you, as I do, believe in the existence of a LGBT+ community. What do you see as the main function of this community and how would you address the much to often heard voices that claim that they do not belong to a community and do not need one?

  2. Greetings Bock:

    First I would like to send my regards as well enthousiasm to you on welcoming my candidacy for the upcoming Board of Directors of SP.

    I know this will require a tremendous amount of energy for the entire members of the Board as well anyone working in what I would call behind the scene. SP for me is something important as this broden my knowledge constantly with LGBT+ advocacy.

    I am not entirely sure I want to tag with specific functions to one community nor another. I do believe that SP is there to advocate as well educate the community at large within Second Life and demonstrate that all can stand together making what I would call a Rainbow Family all united as one from which would help remained focused on standing up and be proud of whom we are no matter on our race, gender nor orientation. One thing I love to keep reminding myself is that love has no gender.

    This won’t be easy as we are all aware and myself seeing it within organizations within my very own Country. The acceptance is slowly growing and we can reach out to bring all together in a better understanding on what we see as being a Rainbow Family (LGBT+ as currently known as). As Board Members education will be important to clearly show that the LGBT community as we see it always welcome with open arms others to guide as well help within the constant struggling we face on being accepted. Everyone plays a role within the community at large making this stronger and stand up all united holding hands and keeping such compassion as we already see. From what I have already seen accomplished over the years on SL, SP had reached out and showed that everyone somehow gain with such an organization out there. We all gain something within our Second Life and to different levels which allow us all in sharing with others and also helping some with struggles of rejections by families or others.

    I am strong in believing that we can always keep achieving what previous Board Members have been working on making Second Pride what it is after years and years of implications, knowledge and ressources and keep working towards to make it stronger and reaching out. I will always remain greatful to all of the individuals that been sitting in those positions to bring out to everyone of us on SL something to help in remembering us of whom we are and that there is no shame. I send my love to each members that have been associated in making SP what it is now.

    I am hoping this is putting some lights on your question which I admit is not an easy one. I truely do admire that from you.

    Sincerely yours,


  3. MikeAdam thank you for running for the secretary position. I am excited to see a continued dedication to Second Pride. During both my terms, my secretary often found himself doing more than the normal scope of his position. How would you approach filling more than one role if needed, what do you feel is an area do you feel is an opportunity for you, and how would you keep yourself motivated through out the season.

  4. Thank you kindly Lledge for your warm words in welcoming my candidacy as Secretary on the Board of Directors in the upcoming elections.

    I am excited with all of this in mind and yet nervous but this to me seems still normal knowing on how much responsibilities and involvement sitting on a Board or any Committees for that matter requires.

    I am aware indeed that the current secretary on the Board of Directors did assume other duties being the Events Coordinator dealing with the entire aspect of getting the schedules all in place with the entire booking for all Performers involved in the last festival and indeed saw him working for long hours without volunteers behind to help out putting all of this in place and to relief him with some of these tasks. I will always truly admire his hard work and dedication during his mandate on the Board. I only could sit and try to offer help which could not always be possible. So it was clear that in the upcoming positions even elected or not I would have put myself as volunteer to assist the Secretary or others positions which I feel I can bring my assistance as well feeling I do have some knowledge in other fields as well.

    For my part as I am more into Law issues and such I would therefore most seeing myself assuming other responsibilities falling under the Security aspect during the Second Pride Events. I am fully aware of Linden Lab TOS and guidelines.

    I am an ongoing person and always on the go. To keep myself motivated is not an option as I like to get myself involved with several tasks and work hard in order to get them achieved. I am also planning to run a volunteer program to reach out and seek help for the entire Board Members. To me SP is for all and that is also a way to try and reach out and include more in the helping to get all in place for the next year SP Events.

    I am really greatful to the entire members who are ending their mandates. You all did a tremendous amount of work and put in so many hours to get this all done and for me this is something that simply cannot go without being noticed nor just let go. I will help in as many of the post as I can and reach out to ensure SP is always going to keep going stronger and keep reaching out to bring along the community at large into this. My moto is that with determination we can always achieve.

    With all due respect yours sincerely,


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