Jimmmmmy Gracemount

Ladies and gentlemen,

I have had the honour of serving Second Pride as a performer for a few years now. I feel now the calling to do more. My primary job in SL (since 2014) is hosting, which basically means communicating with people, making sure they feel welcome and happy, and communicating information to them. During the past few months, I also had the pleasure of performing at the RIPA theatre and helping with promoting our shows and maintaining our social media accounts. Marketing, big word as it is, is probably the next step.

Of course, marketing for a such a big institution as Second Pride will not be easy and I will need help and guidance, at least at the beginning, by more experienced board members. But, should I be elected, I shall do my best.

Yours truly,
Jimmy Augustus-Gracemount

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  1. August 20, 2018 at 12:18 pm

    A response from another candidate inspired me to ask of other candidates this question. Would you be open to being a part of expanding the Second Pride to have more outreach/events in order to serve and inspire more participation in the Second LIfe LGBT community?

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