Jamie Rozenberg (2017 – Archived)

Candidate for Events Director

Hello, my name is Jamie (in RL and in SL) Rozenberg (Cuppycake Cross), I run a business in Second Life called unKindness. This year was my first experience being a part of Second Pride, I heard about it through a friend who’d participated in previous years. We were fortunate enough to receive a spot as a sponsor as well as a vendor participant. While overall I loved the staff, the community and the event I do feel there are new and improved formats that I could bring to the table for the future. These include earlier notice and more clear information for designers, DJs, and artists. If elected I would love to help establish a system to progress Second Pride for all future events throughout the year including the main Second Pride event to not only continue to maintain the already established following and support from our Second Life community, but also to expand it, and make it easier to manage for future board members regardless of level of experience. I place a high value on structure and organization. As a part of the creator community of Second Life I understand how vital it is that we receive the right information and in the right formats to maximize the potential support and participation. I would love this opportunity to work closely with the board to continue the growth and promotion of this project and to help people not only on Second Life but also in first life through our efforts. I realize many of you don’t know me, and to elect me would be a leap of faith. So please allow me to thank you in advance for the consideration either way.

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