Dee Sparta (Deirdre Sparta – 2018 – Archived – WITHDREW)

Hi I am Dee Sparta and yes I am Queer AF. I have been in SL for well over 10 years and love the people and meeting people. I am Bisexual, Non-Binary and married in sl and rl to my wife of over 8 years (we have been together for over 11) She is a Transgender Woman and started her transition just a few years ago. Pride is a celebration and a rememberance of every victory and battle the LGBTQ+ Community has fought and survived. It is a great time to feel free to come out and feel safe and be around others in our community. I want to be part of this in SL and help continue to build up on the foundation that has been established already. I look forward to meeting more and more of you and please feel free to contact me and friend me. I love making new friends. I also run a LGBTQ+ Friendly sim Delta Harmony and reopened my venue To The Stars. Thank you for your consideration. 🙂

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