We just hit a milestone!

$6,000 USD each for ILGA-Europe and BCEFA!

Total raised so far: L$ 2,892,000

Remaining to goal of L$ 3,000,000: L$ 108,000

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Harlow’s Dance and Party Club total

Harlow’s Dance and Party Club had a benefit party tonight and raised L$ 5,950. Thank you so much!

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[IN]dustry Pool Party Total

[IN]dustry Nightclub’s Pool party raised a total of L$ 30,328 and put on fantastic show! Thank you to Mordecai, the staff, and all the performers!

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[IN]dustry Nightclub benefit for Second Pride

Our friends at [IN]dustry Nightclub are throwing a Pool Party this Saturday and Sunday, 12 hours each day! All donations to the kiosks will be coming straight to Second Pride, and adding to our total for ILGA-Europe & Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS! Stop by their event and show your support…our bot will be sending out the notices in the Second Pride groups so you know what’s going on!

Schedule (all times in SLT):

DayDateTimePerformer NameHost Name
Saturday6/18/2210am-NoonDJ RayeAxel
Saturday6/18/22Noon-2pmDJ MordecaiJoyce
Saturday6/18/222pm-4pmDJ Fentonic SqueakYoshi
Saturday6/18/224pm-6pmDJ MetaPswrd
Saturday6/18/226pm-8pmDJ FoxfireKeri
Saturday6/18/228pm-10pmDJ EastyCee
Sunday6/19/2210am-NoonDJ Jason RoachKeri
Sunday6/19/22Noon-2pmDJ BrendenKeri
Sunday6/19/222pm-4pmDJ DeejLore
Sunday6/19/224pm-6pmDJ EastyCee
Sunday6/19/226pm-8pmUndie Sunday with DJ RayeDep
Sunday6/19/228pm-10pmDJ ThorLean

Second Pride 2022 Event Total

Remember, we are still taking donations that count into our total through June 30th, with a goal of L$ 3,000,000.

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AND, Britney Spears – STRONGER – A Live Experience returns for a second ENCORE on June 26th at 5pm SLT!…

Second Pride 2022 Closing Day Schedule

DayDateTimePerformer NameHost NameSponsored By
Sunday6/12/228am-10amDJ Saxson7Mara
Sunday6/12/2210am-NoonDJ Duck TalesHarry
Sunday6/12/22Noon-2pmDJ deSantisVampiBock in Second Life
Sunday6/12/222pm-4pmDJ EzJaxsoniDJStream / Gay Party Central
Sunday6/12/224pm-6pmDJ Jason RoachKrathosThe Vortex Club
Sunday6/12/226pm-8pmENCORE PRESENTATION
Britney Spears: Stronger – A Live Experience
BryanLove Wins – Always

Remember! Second Pride 2022 ends today, but Second Pride does not! There will be additional parties this month by some of our partners, continuing the fundraising for ILGA-Europe and Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS through June 30th. AND, our Second Pride regions are open year-round, every day, for you to enjoy. All the stores and attractions will be here, AND we have more BIG events coming (and some smaller ones too)! 

Glitter & Gore – 10 full days of Halloween fun in October – dates to be announced

Holidaze – our Wintertime Festival – dates to be announced

Mardi Gras 2023 – Feb 17th-21st, 2023

Second Pride 2022 Day 9 Schedule

DayDateTimePerformer NameHost NameSponsored By
Saturday6/11/226am-8amDJ PumpsMistress CheekyPenitence Gay BDSM Dungeon
Saturday6/11/228am-10amDJ Andree FerEvie
Saturday6/11/2210am-NoonDJ ManuNandoBonita Island
Saturday6/11/22Noon-2pmBritney Spears: Stronger – A Live ExperienceNandoThe Vortex Club
Saturday6/11/222pm-3pmAndras & The BoysCookieThe Church of Prismatic Light
Saturday6/11/223pm-4pmIrish Breen The Music QueenTiiago
Saturday6/11/224pm-5pmAbby JaidovHarryDim Sum Gardens
Saturday6/11/225pm-6pmD-LuvJaxsonDim Sum Gardens
Saturday6/11/226pm-8pmDJ NexusKalliClub Pride
Saturday6/11/228pm-10pmDJ Thor CloudGraysonLove Wins – Always
Saturday6/11/2210pm-MidnightDJ DollyJaxsonBoyberry
Saturday6/11/22Midnight-2amDJ MikeybearMara

Second Pride 2022 Day 8 Schedule

DayDateTimePerformer NameHost NameSponsored By
Friday6/10/2210am-NoonDJ OrrecSamuEleventh House
Friday6/10/22Noon-2pmDJ PharaSamuSecond Impressions
Friday6/10/222pm-3pmDJ KajRobbieGay Men’s Warehouse / Alpha Events
Friday6/10/223pm-4pmMichael Jackson History World TourMagentaGay Men’s Warehouse / Alpha Events
Friday6/10/224pm-5pmManu RauberNandoStar Sugar/Coven
Friday6/10/225pm-6pmEvan WilliamsNandoStar Sugar/Coven
Friday6/10/226pm-8pmDJ LuxKellyWylde Rose Pub
Friday6/10/228pm-10pmDJ ZannDivosBoystown
Friday6/10/2210pm-MidnightDJ CrixusPrestonPenitence Gay BDSM Dungeon

Second Pride 2022 Day 7 Schedule

DayDateTimePerformer NameHost NameSponsored By
Thursday6/9/2210am-NoonDJ SamuLorelei
Thursday6/9/22Noon-2pmDJ KaiLeanThe Feline Conspiracy
Thursday6/9/222pm-4pmDJ DanzaHarry
Thursday6/9/224pm-6pmDJ RipplesKalliHawker’s House
Thursday6/9/226pm-8pmDJ TybaltJonnyRomanum
Thursday6/9/228pm-10pmDJ JuliOpheliaB. Ravens Photography