Bock McMillan

I would like to submit my name for consideration as Treasurer.

I am a longtime supporter of Second Pride and feel strongly about LGBT+ issues in general and our community in-world.

Although I am not a financial genius I feel quite confident as far as handling the purse strings of an organization the size of SP.

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  1. Thank you Bock for stepping up to perform this important function.
    The best advice I have comes from George Carlin’s “servicing the account,” (youtube will help if you are unfamiliar).

    Best wishes my friend.

    1. Thank you for that piece of advice, Eric! I will do my very best to provide the members with the satisfaction in a job well done that they deserve, but perhaps not in the way George Carlin suggests. (I just watched the YouTube-video. No, I will not be unzipping!)

      Thank you again for your support, my friend!

  2. If I gave you $50 lindens and Jimmy stole $22.50, how much money would Bock have remaining?

    Will flat Bock still be in appearance at Second Pride? Perhaps with a thong available for stuffing in donations?

    1. Thank you for your questions, Jase.

      1. With the help of Excel, I came to the conclusion that I would still have $27.50, amirite?

      2. Flat Bock has become a tradition for me by now, so he will definitely be in appearance at the next festival.

      The exact design isn’t decided until a short period before the festival by my graphic designer (Tomais) and myself, but I would definitely be open to selling it for say L$10 a piece and the income donated to Second Pride. (I think there must be a script around where the sales go automatically to SecondPride, my technical advisor Tomais will know.)

      1. Just for the record, Jimmy steals Flat Bock every year, then nails him to my bedroom ceiling as… um… inspiration to do things 😉

        1. Mmmm I don’t mind people enjoying Flat Bock! He is for your convenience protected by a kevlar-coating to ensure easy cleaning in lukewarm water and to be nigh indestructible. 😉

  3. Hi Bock,

    I asked this to the marketing candidates too but I think it’s relevant to treasurer too as I was wondering how the treasurer might work with the marketing person to improve income generation:

    I would like to see SP use as many income generating opportunities as possible.
    What kind of revenue streams have you considered?

    For example: would you look at commissioning artists to create a mix of pride merchandise and collectables (possibly using income sharing) and selling them at various price points e.g. L$100 to L$5000. Something like that could be used as a way of donating money to second pride? Limited edition / rare collectables could be included.

    What kind of creative ideas do you have that could help boost the event’s income so that it would have more resources?

    1. Hello Exo,

      As Treasurer I will welcome and like to look into any and all ways that could boost Second Pride’s income so that the organization can support more worthy causes, both inworld and in first life.

      I do like your suggestion about working together with content creators to find a way that is mutually beneficial for the creator and the organization. However, I am going to leave the details for working out such a scheme to the Marketing Director. Every avenue we decide on will – of course – have to be approved by the board.

      Sorry to say, but I am not the most creative person I know, I am more a stickler to rules and “Show me the receipt, now!”, guy. Luckily I will not be alone on the board and expect to find more creative personalities sitting next to me.

      1. A slight edit, I meant to say “a stickler for rules”, and the reason for that is that I regard rules as a safeguard for a democratic process. The rules are there to protect us from coups and random actions from some self-appointed dictators.

  4. First, Thank you for your interest and candidacy.

    Second, Over the last year, the current board has done much in the way of repairing the perceptions of Second Pride as an organization. Many sideline discussions with affected and effected parties have gone on.

    My question to you as a candidate and potential new Board member is how will you personally continue this trend?

    1. Thank you for your question, Mr. Chair, sir!

      I a happy to be in a place right now and for the foreseeable future where I can offer my services to a cause, I feel strongly for, i.e. to create a visible, proud and active community for the LGBT+ residents in SecondLife. We live in an International community and must stand up and be heard for those of us who cannot for fear of abuse, persecution or murder.

      I am not a person who seeks confrontation unless it is necessary and meaningful. I strive for consensus when possible. Besides, everyone should know by now, that I am the most patient man in the world and inworld.

      With all the note cards and the IM’s flying around inworld, people stop reading and react to what’s written before the one writing has finished. It creates enormous confusion and many hurt feelings. As a member of the board, I will do my best not to feed the drama and to cool down the agitated feelings. I have found that the best way to do that is to actually talk mouth to mouth with the parties involved and try to understand their positions.

      I would also make clear what is the organizations’ responsibilities and what is not, to often Second Pride has taken the blame for individuals overreacting to each other.

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