Closing Day – Second Pride 2024

It has been an amazing 10 days, and it all comes to an end (for now) today/tonight! It’s a full day of fabulous performers, culminating in The Love Ball and closing party brought to us by Grant Valeska! Come show your colors with us all day and celebrate ALL the performers, sponsors, vendors and others that have so generously given their time, energy, and funds to make this happen!

Second Pride will return with Glitter & Gore 2024 in October, so if you want to volunteer, sponsor, or support in any other way, contact us! Planning begins almost immediately. Performers and Hosts will be able to sign up in September! The theme of “Love…it’s all we need” will continue through the 2024-2025 season!

The Second Pride regions are open all year round. All the stores, tents, beach booths, rides, photo ops…EVERYTHING is available to you year-round. Want to have a party at Second Pride? Just contact us and we’ll hook it up! Have an LGBTQ+ club or organization that needs a place to meet? We can help with that too!