8 Pines 8 Days of Christmas 2023

Our friends at 8 Pines Stables are doing their 8 Days of Christmas benefit for Second Pride for the THIRD year in a row, December 2nd through 9th. All donations at the event will come directly to Second Pride to benefit Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS, adding to our total from Glitter & Gore 2023!

The full schedule is below. Please come out and support and have a good time! All times are in SLT

RAISED SO FAR: L$ 208,000!

Saturday Dec 2nd
10am – 12pm Proton & Kalyca (Alchemelic)
12pm – 2 pm Dj Stix
2pm – 4pm DJ Mirco Dinzeo / Mirco’s Crazy Music Mix Show
4pm – 6 pm Dj Winnie
6pm – 8pm Dj Ultrapup
8pm – 10pm Dj Dolly

Sunday Dec 3rd
11am – 1pm Dj Phara
2pm – 4pm Priscila Rainbow
4pm – 6pm DJ Kuma
6pm – 8pm Dj Rapa
8pm – 10pm DJ Uuan

Monday Dec 4th
10am – 12pm DJ Mint
12pm – 2pm DJ Blake
2pm – 4pm Dj Diego Monroe SG
4pm – 6pm DJ Winnie
6pm – 8pm DJ Aria
8pm – 10pm DJ Damien

Tuesday Dec 5th
10am – 12 pm DJ Dennis
12pm – 2pm sirhc
2pm – 4pm DJ Jamie
4pm – 6pm Caden (Live Singer / DJ)
6pm – 8pm Gorden Rammy
8pm – 10pm DJ Deej

Wednesday Dec 6th
11am – 1pm DJ Danza
1pm – 3pm Gabriell Dubratt
4 pm – 6pm DJ Big D
6pm – 8pm Rainbow Warrior Girls
8pm – 10pm DJ Ultrapup

Thursday Dec 7th
10am – 12pm DJ Savanah
12pm – 2 pm DJ Juliet
2pm – 4pm DJ Lynkz
4pm – 6pm Proton & Kalyca (Alchemelic)
6pm – 8pm DJ McKay
8pm – 10 pm DJ Viktor Sandman

Friday Dec 8th
10 am – 12 pm DJ Morgen
12 pm – 2 pm DJ DerFuFu
2pm – 4 pm DJ Nele Yule
4pm – 6 pm DJ Katie
6pm – 8 pm DJ Pru
8 pm – 10pm DJ Cole

Saturday Dec 9th
10am – 12pm DJ Flixxcore
12pm – 1pm Live Singer Lavinia Pelazzi
2 pm – 4pm DJ Duck Tales
4pm – 6pm DJ Flirt
6pm – 8pm DJ Stix
8pm – 10pm DJ Darkheart