A New Day at Second Pride

Today is a new day at second pride… I, along with Nicky Windstrom, have served the past month as interim co-chairs for Second Pride.  Today, at a special board meeting a Quorum of the seated board elected Lee McKay as our new board Chairperson.  I wanted to publicly thank him for his hard work and dedication.

This frees me up to do the much needed work in the Community Relations / Marketing sphere.  Nicky Windstrom has been working hard planning a Holidaze to remember.  Starter has built the most incredible winter experience I’ve been through.  You can actually see Aurora’s in the sky.  

In the spirit of Good-Will we are inviting vendors to set up for free in our Winter land of Wonder.  Every vendor can have one booth at no charge, we only ask if you do well to remember us with a donation.  If you are interested please message i0n in world.

We all have been working hard to take Second Pride to the next level.  All you need to do is come and enjoy… keep checking back as the vendors set up.  In closing, thank you Lee for all you do for Second Pride, congratulations Mr. Chairman.  

Director Community Relations/Marketing
Second Pride

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