Second Pride Day 4 Schedule

Second Pride Day 3 Schedule

Second Pride Day 2 Schedule

Second Pride 2019 Starts TODAY!

Here is today’s schedule and you can see the full schedule by clicking on Events in the menu at the top of the site.

Want a SNEAK PEEK at what’s coming for Pride? Here you go!

If these pics make you want to see more, and we hope it does, click on the Teleport link to the right and come see it for yourself! Bring friends!

(click to enlarge)

PERFORMERS! It’s time to set your schedule for Second Pride 2019!

We are working on the schedule for Second Pride 2019 now and we’re ready to put YOU on the list. If you are a DJ, Host, Live Singer, Theater Group, Dance Troupe, etc., we want to hear from you. Click the link below to go to our registration form, fill it in, and someone from our Events team will be in contact to get you set up on the schedule!

Click here to register as a performer now!

Thank you to Schultz Bros.!

Schultz Bros. has graciously provided their entire collection of Old NYC buildings and accessories for the brand new build on the Second Pride region and we are so grateful! It’s going to lend itself beautifully to our Pride event in June, and ongoing! We invite you to stop by the region for a sneak peek anytime. It’s still very much under construction, but coming along nicely.

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