Update on Donation to Rainbow Railroad

Just wanted to give a quick update on the status of the donation to Rainbow Railroad. We are slowly working our way through the red tape of helping our friends there understand how to log in, receive our donation, and process credit (cash out) to Canadian currency. We also must work within the constraints of the limits on withdrawals set by Linden Lab for new accounts. Currently, we have sent Rainbow Railroad a small “test” donation to verify that they will be able to cash out without problems, and once that has been completed, we will begin sending larger amounts until our full donation has been sent. We are taking this in small steps to mitigate the risk of losing any funds on either side of the transaction. We will continue to update you on the progress!

Second Pride 2019 Announcements!

Thanks to everyone who made Second Pride 2019 a resounding success! We have raised well over 900,000L just in kiosk donations during the event, and our friends at FMD and The Forty Thieves raised well over 150,000L during their Pride Fest 2019 event! Official totals will be presented at the Annual Meeting on July 13th at noon. Note that this meeting was previous announced incorrectly as being on July 14th…the correct date is Saturday, July 13th.

Thank you to Schultz Bros.!

Schultz Bros. graciously provided their entire collection of Old NYC buildings and accessories for the brand new build on the Second Pride region and the compliments continue to pour in. We are so grateful! It set the stage beautifully for our Pride event in June, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future!

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