Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are now available by clicking here, or by clicking on Documents in the menu above. Everyone is encouraged to read through these minutes and also to participate in the future of Second Pride as we go forward. If you want to know how you can participate, please contact any of the Board members in-world.




According to the Second Pride bylaws, the Annual Meeting is to be held the first Saturday following the main Second Pride event, but as has been the norm in past years, the meeting will be delayed slightly. This delay allows for late donations and gives time for the accounting to be done with diligence. Therefore, this year’s meeting will be held…

Saturday, the 14th of July, 2018 at 12 noon SLT at Second Pride Headquarters

Tentative Agenda

  1. Recap of the Second Pride Festival:
    Tootsie Nootan – Security Director
    Lee McKay – IT Director
    Mikey Vale – Secretary
    Nicky Windstorm – Interim Event Coordinator
    ReZ Vale-Starfall – Chairman
  2. Financials, including the amount Second Pride will donate to The Trevor Project will be discussed
  3. Annual election dates will be announced. Seated Board members are not up for re-election this year, but all open seats are.
  4. Open Forum – If you are a member of the Second Pride group, then this meeting is for you. It’s your time to ask questions and voice concerns.


Second Pride 2018 Concluded



Second Pride 2018 has now ended, and what an event it was…watch this page for updates from the event and news of what’s coming next!

For a look back at the event, click on “Pictures” in the menu above.





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