Donation Made to The Trevor Project

I am happy to inform the membership of Second Pride that as of December 28th, 2018, YOU have helped us make a donation in the amount of $2,170.00 USD to The Trevor Project! Please see the verification document here (Redacted-Receipt-TTP). The donation has been verified directly with a representative of TTP as well.

For the sake of transparency, this donation represents your contributions over approximately three years of fundraising due to the difficulties involved in converting Linden funds to US dollars, the fact that the Second Pride avatar is not tied to a single personal account, tax issues, etc.

In the past, it was always the policy of Second Pride to only make donations using Linden funds passed to an organization that had its own avatar in Second Life, leaving the “cash out” process and taxes in their hands, as it should be. Because fewer candidate organizations for our donations have a presence in Second Life, previous board(s) for the last several years struggled with how to make the donations, and significant time passed with no donation being made. It was finally decided in 2018 that the best option was to go ahead and cash the funds out and make the donation in US dollars, which has now been completed. We are currently researching the best options for future donations, and entertaining suggestions for organization(s) to support.

At this time, all available funds beyond our operating expenses have been donated, and in fact, Second Pride is looking at options to reduce our operating expenses, the majority of which goes to tier for the region “Second Pride.” We will likely have an open Board meeting soon to discuss this and make any necessary decisions.

Lee McKay
Second Pride

HOLIDAZE Winter Event is now open!

The snow is falling, the bells are jingling, and the Second Pride sim is decked out for Holidaze, our Winter event! Come take a stroll (or skate…they’re free!) along the icy walkways and check out our vendor’s shops. Maybe bring some friends and take a photo or two, and look (or climb) up to the hillside to see the magical Arctic Express taking flight! More special things to come…stay tuned!

Second Pride HOLIDAZE Winter Event

New Chairman Appointed

At a special meeting of the Board yesterday (12/1/18), following a regular business meeting, the Board voted to appoint Lee McKay as the new Chairman. A statement from the new Chairman will be posted here soon.

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