Thank you for an amazing 2017 Second Pride Festival!


As the sunsets on yet another wildly successful and my last Second Pride Festival season. I’d like to take a moment to say some thank yous. I am so grateful for this years outpouring of participation not to mention I had the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing talents from across the grid.

Our 2016 – 2017 Second Pride Board. Jak Calcut with his outstanding builds and designs, creating a feast for our eyes, Marge B for her behind the scenes accounting, Tootsie Nootan and her security team (Levi & Kit) keeping us all safe, and Viktor Sandman for all his patience scheduling and wrangling our performers. To our Volunteers. Kahvy & Garrett Smith for undertaking and creating some fantastic social media buzz along with all those bloggers. Lee McKay and his webmaster skills that put us back online.

Our 2017 Sponsors: Bock McMillian, DNL Menswear, City of Central Kasra, TRC, Evan Greymyst, Rust Redfield & Alex Thaub, UnKindness, The Land of Rainbows, Chaos & Rod Jackson, City Of Varn, Ultra Event, 3Bears, GayList, Rock-Hard Club, [Heathens], Zac, Gay Fun Wolrd, and Gay Men’s Cove.

Our 2017 Vendors: DMG Clothing, Cocoa Bay, Wet Dreams, DJ /SF, City of Central Kasra, The Artist Shed, DNL Menswear, HD Designs / Ravenheart Designs, Cyberserenty, Lapointe & Bastchild Designs, Vanbeeck’s, Empire of Romanum, Mind Calberg, [SM]art, ::::boyberry::::, *PosESioN*, Redangel Designs, Aurora’s Closet, On The Surface, Regimade, Lilliput for Tinies Trimmer Bay, Sources, Land of Rainbows, Greymyst Properties, RJD & Mickey, TLC Home Collections, Jackhammer Gear, RNR, N4RS, oYo Breedables, RGDW Couture, Gabriel, E.V.E. xk Designs, *Power Design*, Consignment, Freya’s Fashions, Apple Fall, InZane Designs, Cox Leather, Rainbow Sails Yacht Club, Sebasten Strings, and DUFAUX

Our 2017 Performers (DJs, Hosts, Singers): DJ Thorn, Esme, DJ Shepherd, Larz, Dj Regi Yifu, Ty Yifu, Dj Dillion, Justin Arabello, DJ TarzanTom, Arnold Maxiumus, DJ Cupid, The Smith Boys, DJ Viktor, Mikey, DJ Rez Starfall, DJ Scary Jester, Boo, MikeyBear, Honnie De Morte, DJ Kess Crystal , Divos Titanium, DJ McKay, Dj Tybalt, DJ Zann Baxton, Caitlin Mirabella, DJ David, Franny DJ Jean, DJ Ralphy, DJ Ez, Kaiden Winters, DJ Choas, Tacet, DJ LLedge, Novs, DJ Lemon, Wuffy, DJ Tony, DJ HD, Joe Lycomedes, DJ Hobbit, Vocalist Samm Qendra, DJ TomTom, DJ Remcos, Tommy, DJ Guy Harley Cent Harley, Noxy, DJ Helene, RockJ, Vocalist Reallymad, DJ TIna, Jimmmmmy, DJ Justin, EG Rodenberger, DJ Ari, Jacki Jayaram-Maximus, DJ Buck, Joseph Nussbaum, DJ Crixus, DJ Kimmy, Tal Buck Daystar, Dj Cato, Joyce Redrose, JK, DJ Karson, Dj Bruno, Kris Fawkes Quaren, and Dj Karl

Special thanks to GaliGear for providing our 2017 Festival T-shifts and my husband Oberon Eames for putting up with the craziness that comes with being Chairman of Second Pride.

And last but not least EVERYONE that attended. Without you, our community, we could not have such a successful 2017 Festival Season. It is after all about community and creating this space where we can share and celebrate our Pride.

On more than one occasion I was greeted by complete strangers and then thanked for providing them with such a true and wonderful pride experience. It was comments like that and many more that told me we had hit our mark. I can’t begin to thank this team enough. You ALL really outdid yourself and should be proud of all you accomplished.

As I mentioned earlier this is my last year as Chairman. It has been such an honor to be involved in this organization. As much as I am ready to step down, I will miss it and all the nuances. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to bring my hope and joy to you all through this wonderful outlet.

LLedge Eames
Chairman Second Pride 2016-2017