2014 Election Results

I first would like say thank you to everyone for allowing me to serve the community this past year. It is my pleasure to announce that the election results have been certified by the election monitoring committee.

The board will be seated at the next board meeting on Sept 13th at 11AM.

Join me in congratulating Ezzie Mirabella (Secretary/Co-chair), Karl Kalchek (Community Relations Director), Marge Beaumont (Treasurer/Financial Director), Lledge Eames (Events Director), Jak Calcutt (Building Director) and Sutry (Security Directory).

Please congratulate them when you see them and please join us for the installation of the board on the 13th.

As departing Chair, I want to say its been a privilege to serve you the community. I am looking forward to seeing the good things they will accomplish.

Please give them your support.

Petr Vanbeeck
your 2014 Chair

Proposed Agenda for Second Pride General Meeting September 23rd, 2014

Secondpride (Black Logo)***Tuesday September 23rd, 2014 6PM SLT***

  1.  Call To Order:
  2.  Department Reports:
    •  Build:
    •  Events:
    •  Community Relations
    •  Security
    •  Treasurer Report
  3.  Chair Selection
  4.  New Business
  5.  Proposed Date for Next General Meeting
  6.  Motion to Adjourn