Election Time Table and Procedures

Secondpride (Black Logo)
Election Timetable:
Election procedures will be posted on July 19th
• Candidate declarations will be accepted from July 31st through midnight SLT August 14th, per the by laws.
• Only Members of the Second Pride Group will be considered and their declaration must be accompanied by a Candidate Statement” Declarations and statements must be submitted on the second pride website at second-pride.com. (No one will be able to declare after midnight on August 14th).
• Candidates will be announced on the second-pride.com forums and their candidate statements published on the forums on August 16th. Members will be able to question the candidates for a period beginning August 16th and ending at midnight SLT August 29th.

On August 29th candidates may make their final statements.
• Voting will commence at 00:01AM September 1st and remain open through midnight September 4th.
• You must have joined the Second Pride Festival Group by midnight July 31st to be able to vote for your candidates.
• At this time the election committee will certify the results of the election and announce to the membership those results no later than midnight September 6th.
• On September 13th at 11AM slt The new Board will be installed and have their 1st meeting as a Board of Second Pride. The existing Board will step down at that time and any transfers will take place at that time.

Discussion Forums:
• These forums are designed to allow members to question candidates in a civil and respectful manner. Comments will be moderated by the election committee and any comments or lines of questioning which, in the sole discretion of the election committee, are found to be inappropriate will be removed.

Voting Procedures:
• The Second Pride sim will be closed to member access only during the voting period
• Members of the Second Pride Group will need to visit an election kiosk on the Second Pride sim.
• The election kiosk will provide access to an online voting ballot where members can vote for candidates of their choice.

Eligibility to vote and voter verification:

• You MUST be a member of the Second Pride Festival in-world group before midnight July 31st to be eligible to vote. Joining of the Second Pride Group will be closed for the entire election period, July 31st through September 6th.
• The election committee will be cross referencing the online votes received against the in-world membership list. Please be sure to click on your name at the bottom of the second pride website to view and/or update your online profile. Make sure your Second Life Avatar name is part of your profile so that your vote can be verified against the in-world membership.
• Protections have been put in place to block voter fraud through the use of Alt accounts. Votes from the same IP or Mac addresses, or votes that cannot be verified against any in world membership my be removed at the discretion of the election committee. If you are in a situation were multiple users in your household will be voting from the same device or internet connection, you must inform the election committee prior to voting.