Resignation of the Chairman – 11/10/18

Dear Community,

Today after a productive board meeting, our chairperson, Rez Vale-Starfall resigned from Second Pride. This was after he left the meeting and was done by announcement on our public group. I can assure you this has left the board members in shock as none of us saw it coming.

We will continue to work hard on building Second Pride and having quality events. We thank Rez for his hard work and dedication to the LGBTQ Community of Second Life.

In the interim, please watch our group and website for announcements on our upcoming December holiday event.

Communications Director / Acting Co-Chair
Second Pride

Party like a MonSTAR with Second Pride!

Join us on October 28th, all day…more details to come!

A message to the LGBTQ Community

Dear Second Pride Members,

You may or may not have heard about a very upsetting Board meeting today (October 6th, 2018). As everyone is aware there was a snafu with the original voting process. This, as I have stated already publicly, was my fault. I owned my mistake and the Board took measures to correct that error. Which I supported 100%. It was Bock McMillan that pointed out to me that the IT Director was to be the the Election Chairman, according to the Bylaws in place. He was again 100% correct. The system that was originally used was not vetted by the Election Chair, Lee McKay. Therefore, it could not be used in the state it was in. Additionally, the security was just not there. That was a serious concern to all the Board and should have been with the candidates and members-at-large.

A new voting system was created specifically for Second Pride Elections. It took longer to create then initially anticipated. Anyone who has looked at an SL script knows how complex they can be. We all wanted a secure way for everyone to vote. That way there could be no questions as to the legitimacy of the vote.

That’s the background. So what happened?

Today during the Second Pride new Board Member seating the newly elected Marketing Director called into question the integrity of the Election Chair and myself. Also called into question was the legitimacy of the voting process. Mind you he WON, by a large margin.

After some back and forth with others on the Board, the Marketing Director began making derogatory statements and accusations against the Second Pride Board. Pointing out how unfair the election process had been and how it was suspicious how everything happened and how it was handled. Stating that he was not pointing fingers, but calling out the positions of the Board that he had issue with. Well, since there is only one person in any given Board position, it was easy to see how he was actually accusing that positions inherent occupier. He went on further to degrade the members-at-large, stating “I know that during the second process, the overall feeling was very subdued, people felt angry, disgusted and resigned.” As Chairman, I did not get that sense. During the process, Jimmy was constantly asking for updates on the number of votes being cast. He was told no that was inappropriate. It only incensed him. He stated that in real life you could see how the vote was going and how many people voted. So, I am going out on a limb here, but we in the USA don’t know how many votes were cast until after they are all counted. I am not sure about Jimmy’s country. Perhaps it is different? However, we ran the election process and will continue doing so, according to the rules in the USA.

Jimmy went on to infer that the only reason the original election was deemed null and void, was to get Mr. McKay’s “friend” more votes. Let me assure you of one thing, I am not the smartest guy on the block, but I DO know Lee McKay is not the type of person to do something like that. Nor would he have anyone else do it for him. That is slander and a baseless allegation. Jimmy Augustus-Gracemount needs to apologize to Lee McKay for that.

As Chairman of the Board, I lost my temper and yelled at Jimmy during the meeting. I apologize for letting my emotions get the better of myself at that moment. Lee and I both motioned to have Jimmy removed from the Board. It was seconded, and passed 5-2 in favor of removing him.

Personally, I like Jimmy. He really is a fine fellow. I am not sure why, after winning the vote, he couldn’t just be happy with that and let it go. The outcome was the same.

I am truly sorry that it had to come down to this. I was ready to resign, since it was *MY* fault the original vote was canceled. Bock was correct to point out the problem to me. Lee McKay was ready to resign. For the betterment of Second Pride as an organization, Jimmy had to go. The Marketing Directors position will be absorbed, as the Bylaws are written, by the Events and Community Relations Directors to split the duties as they see fit.

It is with great hope that the future of Second Pride be as bright as it has been in the past. As we move forward into the future, let’s try not to forget why we are here. It’s not fame and glory. It’s not for recognition. It is to do good work and to reach out to our fellow LGBTQ community and bring it together in a spirit that uplifts us all! That is why I ran for Chairman in the first place. It’s why I will continue to the very best of my ability.

ReZ Vale-Starfall
Chairman of the Board

Correction: The first version of this post had the incorrect date of the meeting. This was a typo on the part of the Webmaster, not the Chairman.

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