VOODOO – 2014 Second Pride Halloween Festival – THANK YOU!!!

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I want to say a few words of appreciation about “VOODOO 2014 – SP Halloween Festival”. I want to say sincere and heartfelt thanks to my fellow board members of Second Pride (SP) for their time effort and dedication not just to SP but to “VOODOO 2014”. I have heard many positive worthwhile comments including from a person in attendance last night “I like the way the sim has been done, I am having fun”. It is words like this we love to hear and other such expressions of thanks it is a positive comments such as this that let us know we are moving in the right direction.

Jak Calcutt – Building Director, Marge Beaumont – Treasurer, LLedge Eames – Events Director, and Karl Kalchek – Community Relations you have all shown through the work you do and have done your dedication not just to “VOODOO 2014” but to Second Pride. I appreciate the fact I have gotten to know you and glad to have you as part of my team. Your efforts are helping to make SP a fun experience not just for me but for the many others yet to visit the sim.

A thanks to all the DJ’s who came out and entertained the masses who had a blast including from SL Radio DJ Thorn, DJ Ez & Reyn, DJ LLedge, DJ Karl, DJ Maddy, DJ Lex & Christian, DJ Rocky, DJ Mikeybear, DJ Chase & Jimmy, DJ Fyre, DJ Burly, DJ Calli, DJ Regi & Ty, DJ Robyn, DJ Lemonodo, DJ Tomtom, DJ London Callin, DJ Randy Wantmore, DJ Vann, DJ Oberon, DJ Djane Emma, DJ Fusion, DJ Rez & Jay, and our closing DJ for a fantastic set DJ Weylin.  A special Mention about the live entertainment from Donn Devore and the dance stylings of “Metro Divas”.  Those who donate prizes to be given out during the event.

I want to acknowledge a special appreciation and thanks to “Tootsie Nootan” for stepping up to the plate and helping with security during “VOODOO 2014”.  A more very special thanks to all those who supported second pride during the past week with donations and your support including the DJ’s who turn over their tips or a portion of to us in support of Second Pride; InZane, Regimade, GrimBrothers, Sweets Design, Pandemonium, [t], Khar, Baz, Izzy and  Halloween Halloween

I ask all our friends let me and my fellow board members know your comments on the work that has been done, we want to hear from you.  If you wish to visit the sim there is a link at the bottom of this letter.

Ezzie Mirabella
Chair – Second Pride 2015

Click here for your TP to the Second Pride sim


*GENERAL MEETING *Tuesday November 18th, 2014 7:30 PM SLT*

Secondpride (Black Logo)

Second Pride will have a General Meeting at the Second Pride Headquarters Conference Hall.

Proposed Agenda for the General Meeting:

1: Call To Order:
2: Department Reports:

  • A: Chair
  • B: Build:
  • C: Events:
  • D: Community Relations
  • E: Security
  • F: Treasurer Report
  • G: IT

3: New Business
4: Old Business
5: Adjourn

Ezziedq Mirabella, Chair